Record Number of Applicants for GU (Over 16,000)

Georgetown may have just gotten a lot harder to get into.</p>

<p>The admissions office will consider more than 16,000 applications for regular admission to the Class of 2011 this year, a record number of applications to Georgetown that marks an 8 percent increase over the size of last year’s pool.</p>

<p>Applications to all four Georgetown schools increased, according to statistics provided by Charles Deacon, director of undergraduate admissions. The School of Nursing and Health Studies posted an increase in applications of more than 35 percent over last year — the largest increase among the schools. The NHS received 820 applications, a new record. (read on...)


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<p>That's incredible. Not too long ago Georgetown got less than 16,000 total applications. This year is close to 20,000 RD and early applications. The RD admit rate should be way lower this year than last year, especially given the really high yield rate last year.</p>

<p>i'm glad I already got in. Wow.</p>

<p>The transfer rate is increasing this year.</p>

<p>The transfer rate is increasing this year? Can you provide some more info about that, canyonbrad? I'm looking to transfer and just curious...</p>

<p>well, i really can't elaborate since what i heard was the unreliable grape-vine type of this sort usually doesn't amount to anything at all. but good luck.</p>

<p>This article from the WSJ in November discusses the "transfer-trend" among US universities, incl. Gtown</p>

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<p>wow this is happening for almost all the schools im applying to lol</p>