Recruited Athlete "mandated disclosure of who else is recruiting you " form ??

Has anyone heard of this : recruited athlete needing FA asked to fill out and return for " just for FA pre-read purposes" a signed declaration/ attestation detailing what other Ivy coaches are recruiting her, the frequency of calls, including dates of calls to parents, whether or not she has visited other Ivy schools and the dates.

Or, submit a copy of FA offer from all other competitor Ivy who are recruiting her.

Teenager told that this is a pre-req for an FA pre-read and that it is legal attestation on her part. Yet, the form in not on school letter head, has no school employee signature and is not among the docs on the school’s FA portal.

Most IVY offer same FA, so why make a kid disclose who else is recruiting them and how heavily ?

“most” Ivy schools do not offer the same FA, and Cornell doesn’t offer the same as Princeton or Harvard. They will try to adjust their aid to match P and H, so I think they are afraid you will get an offer from H for $10k more and then they will be expected to adjust their award (upward).

I think the coach has had this happen more than once, that either the school has to match the FA or that the student ends up going to H or P because of the higher FA.

Dear Twoinanddone,

Thank you for answering. My husband and I appreciate the University’s position on that, but again, why not have this form on the FA website then and have it on school letter head with an FA officer’s signature at bottom . Or simply, offer to match if/when an offer of admission and FA are made ?

Why freak a 17 year girl out by making her disclose all the details of who else is recruiting her as a condition of even applying for an FA pre-read. Isn’t it poor form for her to tell one coach all the details of her other recruit calls/ and visits last Spring ? Our daughter has never been asked this by anyone else recruiting her and she is scared that it will make the other coaches angry if she discloses all the details of competitor recruiting pattern like the form requires her to attest.

And why ask for a declaration from the 17 year old student but not have this form on the FA website and why isn’t it similarly signed by any rep from the school FA office ?

It reads like a recruiting Phish. Kind of intimidating for a 17 year old.

If your daughter doesn’t want to answer she doesn’t have to but then it is likely the Cornell coach will drop her from recruiting. If you don’t think it is legit, ask the coach before giving any info. I often said to the coach, “I don’t understand this form or what it will be used for, can you explain why you need it or how this works?”

Recruiting isn’t a fair or level playing field. Some get special treatment, some get admitted with grades that are below what the general application pool have, some get more money than others. My daughter got a lot of merit money from her school, and because she was a state resident got some money from the state. The coach considered all that when deciding how much athletic money to award and I thought that was unfair, that daughter should get the merit money for her good gpa and scores and the athletic money because she was a better athlete than some of the other kids. The coach felt she could ‘save’ money on my daughter because the state and school were giving her more than others.

Coaches get to ask whatever they want to, on an official form or on the back of a napkin but you can ask why they need the info.


Our family would actually completely agree that merit aid or state aid should offset any FA from the school.
Again, the concern is not the FA award or how it will be broken down or even if our daughter isn’t given any FA at all.
The concern is a 17 year old being compelled to disclose in a formal signed statement the details of all of the recruitment she has received, including dates, times, type of contact on a form that she was told comes from FA office, but seems now from your post is “the coach can ask anything they want ?”
Hence the no school letter head and the lack of a name/ signature from the FA office?

17 year olds are still kids, why scare them by making them worry filling out this form they burn bridges with every coach recruiting them OR with, now that you seem to nod to, the coach recruiting them.

Why not just ask a kid: hey, are we your first choice ? Any other offers we can match ?

That seems more cordial

@Spike20010 I don’t think this is as nefarious as it seems to you. While I can’t speak to this particular coach or form, it’s fairly common for Ivy coaches (esp. non-HYP) to let the FA office know which other Ivies are recruiting an athlete. Cornell has an official form for this that asks for a lot of the details you mention as well as a signature stating that it’s true information. Other schools have internal criteria that must be met, such as at least two emails, or a campus visit. Sometimes there’s specific documentation requirements coaches need to show. It’s less formal at other places. I know one recruit at another Ivy who was asked to share emails from another Ivy coach, which could be mostly redacted and were really just required to be something more than form letters.

All of this is really in the best interest of the recruit. It’s easier if the FA office knows this up front, although some programs will wait to see a competing estimate and then match it. But athletes I know at Cornell never saw a “Cornell” FA estimate; they filled out the form indicating recruiting interest at MIT, Stanford, or another Ivy and saw the best of those presented as their Cornell estimate. The end goal is that athletes can decide based on fit not finances.

ETA: not on the FA website at Cornell because it’s for a very narrow audience

Here’s an old story about the award match initiative. The process has changed over the years so that the ‘match’ is now made up front, without a competing estimate.

Thank You, Politeperson.

I am sure that if a promo of this Ezra publication had been linked our daughter wouldn’t have so spooked.
It sounds like a great initiative and a great testament to the University that it is funded through alum and endowment earmark.

Generally it’s to your D’s advantage. Both to increase financial aid, but frankly if this coach knows she is also being sought after by others that helps her position.

I have other info I’d rather not post, but I will send you a PM.