Recruiting shenanigans at Harvard?

<p>In the past couple of years, there have been plenty of stories about off the field problems involving Ivy League FB players or hard-ball recruiting tactics (where coaches/recruiters have bad-mouthed other schools and then criticized recruits for not choosing them) - and now it seems that this has transgressed into the BB arena as well.</p>

Yet the group of six recruits expected to join the team next season is rated among the nation’s 25 best. This is partly because Harvard Coach Tommy Amaker, who starred at Duke and coached in the Big East and Big Ten conferences, has set his sights on top-flight recruits. It is also because Harvard is willing to consider players with a lower academic standing than previous staff members said they were allowed to. Harvard has also adopted aggressive recruiting tactics that skirt or, in some cases, may even violate National Collegiate Athletic Association rules.


<p>In</a> a New Era at Harvard, New Questions of Standards - New York Times</p>

<p>Hmm - it seems that Amaker has borrowed a technique for success from his alma mater.</p>