Recs already submitted but want to cancel colleges! HELP!!!!

<p>My counselor and teacher has already submitted their recommendation letters to all my common app schools; however, i want to cancel my application with a few schools. </p>

<p>Is it still possible to cancel those schools?</p>

<p><em>My transcripts may have been already mailed out as well</em></p>

<p>Seems to me that if you don't send the application, then the letters/transcripts will simply sit in a file folder somewhere and no one will look at them. No loss, no foul.</p>

<p>The problem comes if you decide that you want to add other schools to the mix.</p>

<p>Oh that's a huge relief, thank you so much. I wont be adding more schools; however, I feel if i dont apply it would end up as a huge time loss for my teachers and counselor.</p>

<p>Also if possible is there anyone else that can verify this?</p>

<p>The vast majority of their time is spent writing the letters, not sending them. Changing the schools you're using the letters for isn't a time loss for them at all, especially since you're still applying to common app schools. They do the same amount of work to recommend you for one common app school as they do for 300, and the same goes for submitting transcripts via the common app. I doubt mailing transcripts is a huge time commitment either (at least when we're talking about the handful of transcripts that needn't have been mailed for a single student).</p>

<p>If you've submitted a completed application to a school you no longer wish to apply to, you can email them (or fill out a form on their website if there's one available - there was for one of the schools I applied to) to inform them that you wish to withdraw your application.</p>

<p>It's not a big deal at all.</p>

<p>Put on your common sense thinking cap, Need. What are they going to do? Send a collection agency to your house demanding the app fee and your completed applications? Relax</p>