Recs in before app?

<p>Is it ok if my teachers send in the recs before I send in my common app?</p>

<p>in theory yes, but in practice, I gather colleges are more likely to lose recs in that situation (don't know about yale specifically)</p>

<p>D's recommendations were all submitted before applications and they all found their place in the correct folder. Make sure you have your SS# on forms for teachers and you should be okay. Schools will inform you (or you will be able to tell on your checklist for schools that have one) whether all materials have been received.</p>

<p>Agree with Ailey. Friend of my D sent rec's to Yale in September, well before her app, and they never made it into her file. Resent around Nov 1st and is now waiting for them to confirm receipt, but of course, the Yale mail room must look like Santa's on Dec 24th. It "shouldn't" matter, but having watched her stress level skyrocket, I'd say try to send things during a lull (end of November for RD) and send app first, if you can get it done.</p>