<p>i was wondering how weird if would be if i had two of my music teachers give me recommedation letters even though i'm not majoring in music. it's just because one of them is my private lesson teacher and she knows me really well. so is that ok? or just weird?</p>

<p>my 2 cents--if you are only allowed 2 letters for the univeristy you are interested in attending, then you may be needlessly limiting yourself. Being a music major is not the question.Its more like the perspective of these teachers may not take into account your writing abilities, or math/science abilities, which the school you are interested in attending may be focusing their decisions upon. So-not weird-but may not be what you want after further consideration.</p>

<p>yea thats true.. so i believe NU requires 2 teacher recs, but can i still send in 3?</p>

<p>Yes, you can, bumblebee.</p>