<p>Recs </p>


<p>Does COrnell require that teacher recs be from 11 or 12 grade? or any specific grade? I can't find this info anywhere else</p>

<p>i think they say from either 11th or 12th, because i did one from my junior year english, teacher and i know other who did as well. so on the safe side, just stay with your junior and senior year teachers and don't ask teachers from 9th and 10th</p>

<p>For ED don't do your 12th grade teacher because they haven't had enough time to know your strengths. The admissions people might view those great comments as phony. Unless you have had that 12th grade teacher as a coach for a sport in past years, or they were the teacher representative of a club you actively participated with. For RD it is a stretch as well. Stick with 11th grade teachers, I think that will be your best bet.</p>