Recycle the essay

<p>Wondering if anybody here writes a different essay for every college or if they just recycle the same one for every college.</p>

<p>I think the only smart way to do things is to write a good essay then adapt it to similar prompts. What's the point in writing a different essay for every college?? That's just a waste.</p>

<p>Some colleges like Bard and Sarah Lawrence have interesting supplementary essay topics that probably won't fit into most essays you'd write...</p>

<p>Any tips for strategizing on how to distribute info throughout the application? I mean, on Yale's it was pretty easy because we only had a few options - Three, to be exact: short activity essay, long activity essay, and common app essay. But now one of my appliations has room for seven essays of different lengths. I was REALLY hoping that I could just recycle my Yale essays... I guess not. Any insight, anyone?</p>

<p>You could probably bend your 3 Yale essays (2 long, 1 short) to fit some of the prompts. But to be honest, I would look at the 7 essay requirement as added opportunity to provide info about yourself. If you do choose to recycle your essays to fit various prompts, make sure you have someone read it to see if it sounds smooth.</p>