Red Book vs. Blue Book.

<p>Hello guys, I've been doing practice tests only for the math section in the red book published by collegeboard a long time ago and my speed has been steadily slow to normal and the questions seem to be more difficult and consist of more work than the ones written in the blue book. I was wondering if I should cease using the red book or are both books usually similar with the math questions? I'm a little concerned.</p>

<p>(red book has the 90s tests).</p>

<p>Anybody knows?</p>

<p>So does it mean that if the 10 real SAT red book is harder, it means I'll be better prepared for the blue book?</p>

10 Real SATs aren't that helpful since the tests are different. It's like saying if I study AP Bio then I will be prepared for Honors Chemistry.</p>

<p>The Red Book's passages are a lot harder.</p>

<p>the redbook has some of the same passages that were in the blue book. idk about math since i havent used it for math, only reading. its almost the same thing for reading. math is bound to be helpful i guess...</p>