Red Ivy vs Blue Ivy

<p>I feel really stupid asking this question but I've heard these terms thrown around but I don't really know what they mean. I know that they're used to separate the Ivy Leagues and that there's always debate over which one is better. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think I Cornell is at the head of the Red Ivys and Harvard the Blues. </p>

<p>What separates the Blues and the Reds?
Which universities are part of which? </p>

<p>Never heard of this. Are you speaking in terms of politics? Like red=GOP and blue=Democrat?</p>

<p>I agree with @T26E4‌. I’ve never heard of this terminology before…and a quick google search only links me back to this thread. As he said, red maybe meant conservative and blue liberal? In which case, I would think that Brown has the reputation for being the most “blue” of all the Ivies.</p>

<p>I have no clue if it’s political or not (that’s why I’m asking). I tried a google search too and found nothing, which is why I asked on here.
@T26E4‌ @silverdrop‌ A user mentions it in the replies for this post <a href=“”></a> (10th reply on page one)</p>


This refers to school colors . . .</p>

<p>Was there some other reference that got you interested?</p>