Red Sox Win!! Red Sox Win!!!

<p><em>thread gets deleted</em></p>

<p>ah, no...I wanted the Yankees to win...
I hope this isn't a sign that John Kerry will win the election</p>

<p>woot!!!! bosox are going all the way!</p>

<p>Apprently John Kerry will win then...Bush shouldn't have chosen New York as the site for the Republican Convetion...should chose Boston. :-D</p>

<p>This is awesome that the red sox won because I hate the yankees sooooo much. But I hope they lose to Houston hopefully or St. Louis, it doesnt really matter. Go Giants 2005!</p>


<p>I really hope they win the series, too. Then the curse WILL be lifted.</p>

<p>What a game.</p>

<p>Yahoo!!!!! I am in celebration mode!</p>


<p>No one can beat BOSTON RED SOCKS!!!!</p>

<p>That sucks. I wanted the Yankees to win it.</p>