Redo Freshman Year?

<p>As a current Freshman in high school, I can honestly say that nothing has gone my way academically. I currently have a 2.5 unweighted, 3.7 weighted, GPA. I feel like I've failed and that I've doomed my chances at college (I probably seem melodramatic to the typical, rational, non-teenage hormone raging adult). Anyways, what are the options I have to fix my mistakes that I've made, that is if it's possible to fix?</p>

<p>It's possible, but it takes time. I'm not saying get all A's for the rest of your high school career lol, but it takes work. I had a bad Freshman year, and I had to really step my game. You could put more time in studying and understand the material taught. As you go into your Sophomore, Junior and Senior year, try taking difficult classes that you never thought of doing. Freshman year is all about mistakes. A 2.5 GPA isn't the best but it isn't the worst. It's telling you that there's always room for improvement. I hope you do well.</p>

<p>AZPandaman, is there a subject or area of interest that you love? Use your summer to enrich that and build on it every year. Also you should talk to your teachers individually to see how you can improve in the classes you have now, because it will show them that you care about their class and your grades. You don't sound doomed, just like you are adjusting.</p>