Reed Campus

<p>If there is anyone who has visited Reed, please comment on the campus.
How does the campus look?
I know it's in Portland but is it isolated from the city? </p>


<p>It's a most beautiful campus, huge lawns, some ivy buildings, bazillion trees, and a nature preserve spring/lake/canyon in the middle. It's in the southeast area of Portland, in the suburb city limits, 15-20 minutes to downtown.</p>

I know the student body is small but the campus isn't too small is it?</p>

<p>At least read the top-level descriptions of a campus:</p>

<p>Reed</a> College | About Reed | Reed at a Glance</p>


<p>Coming from a high school with 3300 people and 3 major buildings, it didn't feel small at all to me when I visited, but, that was for the first time, so space might have been skewed. </p>

<p>While not too far from the city, it is certainly in a "flatter" area. It also feels isolated from the outside world, despite cars being visible on the nearby streets at some vantages.</p>

<p>A very nice campus as a whole. Some of the dorms are average, but are given a lot of color through the community.</p>

<p>I came with high expectations regarding the aesthetics, and did not find myself to be disappointed. It isn't Oxford, but nothing is. </p>

<p>Portland is also fantastic. If laid back is what you like, you will find a lot of it here. Not to mention, our city is damn clean; a very, very eco-friendly area.</p>