Reed College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Reed College offers both Early Decision and Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is November 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15.

The Early Decision 2 (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is December 20.


The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Reed College is November 15.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 31. For more information visit the Reed College page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other Reed College applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to Reed College? Why Reed College? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

To discuss other Reed College topics visit the reed-college tag on CC Forums.

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Has any ED1 decisions been sent out yet?

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Anyone heard anything yet? Good luck to all!

I’m still waiting as well; wishing everyone the best of luck:)

Does anyone know in what format/s the decisions will come out this year? (Through the admissions portal, email, or tangible mail?) Sending love and light to everyone! We will all end up where we’re meant to be <3

I don’t know when EA decisions will come out this year.

But I can say that last year, the Admissions department started mailing out acceptance packages on Dec. 22, see the tweet from @truloveatreed on that date, and my son received his package on Dec. 24.

Good luck!


Get your dustbusters ready…Looks like Reed has those acceptance packages ready to mail, and they contain confetti.


Hi there!

Where did you see that they were getting packages to mail out? We have been looking everywhere for that.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! It looks like that info was posted to the Reed Admissions Instagram page:)

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Yes I saw a post from Reed admissions… Not sure if they will be releasing decisions before packages arrive? Does anyone know?

It sounds like packages will arrive first, and the portal will be updated later.

Anyone hear yet?

Nope! I wouldn’t worry yet though. Last year people heard on the 15th-16th. If you want to keep track more closely you can check out Milyon Trulove’s twitter. It seems like he’s made a tweet announcing the sending of acceptances for every round last year, including early decision.

sign up for Fed Ex Delivery Notifications. Only on the Mobile app will it tell you if there is a fed ex package on your way to your house. I just checked we have a fed ex from Reed Admissions coming on Wed 15th. Good luck!


Oh wow! I guess they’re being sent out! One thing that might be helpful for people who can’t find anything: if you put down a different preferred first name for Reed (for example I go by Alex) that might be the name they put on the package! I couldn’t see anything until I added an alternate name to FedEx Delivery Manager.
Good luck, I hope all of you end up where you’re meant to be!

Thanks for this tip. I did sign my daughter up for that based on an earlier thread on this but no shipments yet. I had to resign up yesterday.

It sounds like you have some great news coming your way!!

Any ED1 decision going out today? I was told they would happen today.

Waiting here too. So far nothing on portal, no fedex notice, no email. The wait is a little all consuming.

My mom did say she received an email from Reed today about student dorms but I think it was probably a general email to all applicants.

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