Reevaluation :-/

<p>o Duke's policy is to reevaluate applicants if they get a C on their final year report.</p>

<p>I have a C in AP Calc BC. I'm so afraid they will revoke my admission! Overall my grades are slightly lower this semester - AP Calc went from B to a C, Psychology might go from A to a B, and I switched from Economics Honors, which I had an A in, to AP Government, which I have a B in. I maintained my grades in all my other classes. Has anyone heard stories of admission being revoked? I e-mailed my counselor explaining my situation - grandma's hospitalization and increased course difficulty.</p>

<p>Any other ideas for how I can ensure that they don't revoke my admission? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I don't think your admission has a chance of being revoked. A C in BC calc is respectable--my friend at Harvard got a D and nothing bad happened to him. This is especially true given your family situation. Don't worry! Just try your best and I'm sure nothing bad will happen!</p>

<p>We're all taking the hits today...stupid AP Lit.</p>

<p>dude, remember, AP calc is no normal class</p>

<p>like really, calc is like learning a different language but worse because you might never understand it</p>

<p>haha, my class just had a test on Sequences and Series in BC and the class average was a 39. the teacher's gotta scale that or we'll pretty much all be getting F's. that was a hard @$$ test!</p>

<p>You won't get revoked!
I got a C in IB Chem and I'm still here. I'm thinking they're bluffing so that you don't completely slack off senior year.
But seriously, I know a ton of people here who got C's in BC calc., so chill.</p>

<p>lol, sequences was a killer...class ave. here was a D, no curve either!</p>

<p>haha, that's harsh. we got a curve, which saved me from complete disaster</p>

<p>Our sequence test was actually quite easy, but we have the greatest teacher. Half the class basically doesn't care anymore, so she doesn't concern herself with them, and those of us who listened and payed attention did well, if ya know what I mean. It was one of those "Don't you remember this problem I worked a week ago?" tests.</p>

<p>Speaking of receiving bad grades... Straight up, my report card is likely to include a C in AP Stat and a C in normal AP Calc AB. I got about a week or so left of class and my stat grade is a 18.4%. Oh ya, and I am going to get a C in IB spanish. Am I going to have any problems?</p>


<p>are u kidding me?</p>

<p>THAT IS A BIG!!!! Problem</p>

<p>uhhhh ohhhh</p>

<p>haha sounds familar.</p>

<p>I got a 11% on my last calc test.</p>

<p>still hanging in there though, 74, which is a C</p>

<p>Holding on by my teeth to the AP Calc 'C' here, too. But take heart - as my wise AP Euro teacher said to me - "There's a certain honor in failing calculus."</p>

<p>the lowest I ever got on a test was 14% in 7th grade spanish</p>

<p>oh and the 2% I got on a spelling quiz in kidergarten</p>

<p>considering that I didnt know any english(recent immigrant) I regard that as an achievement</p>