Reflagging a post


If a post has previously been flagged and was hidden but is now open again after an edit…why isn’t there a little flag to report the post again…if there is still an issue?

I believe the system is set up that a user can’t re-flag the same post more than once. Sending the mods a PM can work if the post in question still violates ToS.

Perhaps it’s worth looking into though if the system can be changed to allow flagging again for a post that was unhidden after editing, but that’s above my pay grade ; ).


By default users can’t reflag for the same reason until 24 hours have passed. (The details are here. That documentation suggests editing resets the clock, however, so maybe there’s a bug?) I can adjust the time limit between flags, but I do think a PM will work in these situations. I’d like to avoid letting users reflag posts as a rule, but we can reconsider if this is a problem in the long run.