<p>What's a good size fridge to buy?</p>

<p>I'm in Markley. I can get a 4.3 cu ft model for $85 at work. It's a very good deal but it's kinda big.</p>

<p>Am I better off paying about the same for something smaller?</p>

<p>just get something smaller.</p>

<p>it's spelled refrigerator btw.</p>

<p>Future college student I see. Very edumacated. lol</p>

<p>My name is Dave. I could've gone to Cornell.</p>

<p>HEY don't hate on poor spellers!!!!!!!</p>

<p>just don't become the editor of some newspaper/magazine lol</p>

<p>[sarcasm]Guys, stop making fun of him. He could have gone to Cornell and be all superior to us and everything and be more successful then all of us combined because people who go to Cornell are obviouslly more edumacated and can spell refrigerator as "refridgerator" and even if people correct him, it doesn't matter because the people who correct him happens to be people who may or may not have been accepted or even applied to Cornell but somehow is inferior to his existance despite in the end all of us are going to Michigan and that's my defense for the thread starter but I also have to mention that his name is Dave and that doubles the effect of his being superior than us and if we were all in world of warcraft, it would be like Dave has +99999 on everything and invincibility spell plus full mod and the "I am a Cornellian at heart" skill which attacks all users on the entire server and deletes their characters all at once and and each kill he gains 5 million+9 gold... +2 million mana regeneration per second too. Hua![/sarcasm].</p>

<p>i would have read that if it wasn't all one paragraph</p>

<p> was just a joke...deep down, we all love dsmo</p>

<p>I was kinda thinking of the NFL-United Way commercial.</p>

<p>It went something like..the guy was giving a lecture to little kids on something about atoms or something. At the end the announcer is like "His name is Matt Birk. He went to Harvard." at the end.</p>

<p>Most of the school year you don't need a refrigerator. </p>

<p>Just get a plastic grocery bag (as in "would you like paper or plastic") and hang it outside your dorm room window.</p>

<p>That works, but you can't put liquids in that. They'll freeze and break whatever they're in.</p>