Refund disbursed at $147.66, tell me if I'm missing something

To start off, my school’s financial aid office was really chaotic during summer quarter. Not only were they switching the whole school to a different student portal system but we have distance learning as a result of COVID still being a threat. I applied for Financial Aid for the 2020-21 school year and didn’t have any of my forms reviewed for almost two months. I just thought this might add some context.

So, once forms were finally reviewed, I view in my student homepage that I have been awarded $3,521.00 in total from Grants (Federal Pell + State Need.) I no longer have the total of my Summer Quarter because my homepage didn’t save it for some reason, but it was somewhere in the ballpark of $1,300 for the quarter. I’ll copy my school’s automatic payment history here:

Federal Pell Grant paid for:

Resident Building - 90.61
Resident S & A - 133.07
Resident Operating -1,002.00
BankMobile Refund - 741.66
BankMobile Refund -107.00
BankMobile Refund -40.66

Total Payment Amount: 2,115.00 (This was the total amount I was awarded with Federal Pell BTW, so all of it was used)

Washington State Grant paid for:
Student Service Fee - 20.00
Technology Fee - 35.00
Elearning Enrollment Fee - 52.00
Resident Building - 40.66
BankMobile Refund - 1,258.34
Total Payment Amount: 1,406.00 (Just as before, this was the total amount I was awarded for the whole grant)

BankMobile is how I get my refunds, and if I dd together all the payments here to the refund it should have totaled $2147.66 right? Unless I am missing something, which is why I am here asking. Because the amount currently being processed to my bank account outside of school is $147.66 :slight_smile:

So, if I am missing something or if my math is completely off please tell me.

You need to talk to bursar

Ask the bursar. The school may return Pell and state grants to the organization that sent them. Put differently, they won’t “return” funds to you unless they came from you. But it’s really impossible for anyone except the bursar to know.


The Pell is a federal entitlement. It won’t get returned to the federal government. If entitled to receive it, the student receives it.

However, the Pell and state grant could be first payers on the bill…meaning they get used first, and some other aid is reduced or eliminated.

The student needs to talk to the financial aid office to find out what their aid actually was…and to the bursar to see how it was disbursed and the balance, if any, to be refunded.

How is your tuition being paid?

The financial aid I get is applied by the school towards tuition + fees first.