Reg. REA APUSH prac. tests

<p></a> AP United States History w/CD-ROM (REA): 8th Edition (Test Preps) (9780738606248): J. A. McDuffie, G. W. Piggrem, Steven E. Woodworth, Gregory Feldmeth: Books
so the book evidently comes with 6 prac. tests, three in the book and three on a cd. My question is; is it possible to print out the prac. tests on the cd? i would rather not take tests on the computer (</p>

<p>^You can try printing it out. Go to Program Files/REA. Find the APUSH folder and inside it you'll see a folder named source. </p>

<p>You'll see a ton of HTML files - those files contain the questions.</p>

<p>Don't print any of the HTML files that end in the letters "a" through "e" though. They are just duplicates with an answer choice filled in.</p>

<p>And one correction - the REA book comes with all 6 practice tests printed in the book - the 3 on the CD are also printed in the book.</p>

<p>I can confirm what IceQube said; the 6 tests are physically printed in the book.</p>

<p>Oh thank you so much! this makes life a lot easier. So then whats the point of the CD? is there anything else besides those three prac. tests?</p>

<p>^There's nothing else on the CD.</p>

<p>The only advantage about the tests on CD is that you are timed by a computer. When time is up, time is up. In addition, the TestWare software can accommodate for disabilities by allocating you extra time. That's it :).</p>

<p>thank you! cd seems worthless to me but it's okay! :)</p>