Regarding AP scores...

So, I have a bit of a complicated situation. This year I transferred schools and now attend an online high school where getting the class done is entirely up to the student. There are teachers, but no due dates except for having to finish it by September, so it is self-paced.</p>

I signed up for the APUSH exam back in January thinking I’d have the class done in time for the exam…but that is not the case. I did not realize how long everything would take because it’s the first time where I don’t have a teacher reinforcing when things are due…so I’ve only gotten about 30% of the course done (which is up until about 1800).</p>

So I’ve been trying to self-study for the APUSH exam…but it isn’t going so well. I’m going to take the exam anyway because of the fee you have to pay if you don’t take it or something like that, but I’m 99% definite I will only score a 1 or a 2.</p>

I’ve heard that colleges don’t really look at your AP scores too harshly, but what would they think if I have the course on my transcript and no AP score? I’d like to attend a top college and I have the grades, but this one AP score is really worrying me. Will it be a big deal?</p>

I’ll probably end up canceling my scores a couple of weeks after I take the exam if I’m certain I didn’t do well or maybe I’ll just wait and pay the fee to hide it from the school after admittance, but I’m worried that it will raise a red flag in the admissions process.</p>

Is it normal not to report all of your AP scores? Do colleges frown upon it?</p>

Thank you for any answers!</p>