Regarding Apple or Microsoft retail in OC

<p>Does anyone work for an Apple or a Microsoft retail store??</p>

<p>this has the potential to be a great thread if its going where i hope its going..</p>

<p>LOL why you say that kitty? And why is the poster asking who works at at a retail store in a UC transfer thread?</p>

<p>haaa because perhaps OP or someone here is a manager and can hook us up with a job! </p>

<p>Its not what you know, but who you know right? ha.</p>

<p>On CC? I think not. But then again, the possibility does exist...</p>

<p>hai gaiz my english is gooder than your's</p>

<p>thats ridiculous, a manager can be a college student as well, were talking about a retail store manager not a corporate manager.</p>