Regarding Communication(public speaking) class in terms of applying to uc schools and csu schools

I’m planning to apply for fall 2022 (both csu & uc schools)

I pretty much took all the pre req, and almost fulfilled 60units (57 yet) but I was wondering if I really need to take public speaking (communication , speech) class for applying to uc schools.

My goal is uc schools but I have to apply to csu too.

Do you know if that class is too important for applying uc?

If you are doing IGETC for the CSU’s and UC’s, then you do not need an oral communications class. If not, then yes if you want to apply to any CSU’s, you need the oral communication class but not needed for the UC’s.

My DS24 took Intro to Public Speaking at a local community college while in high school. If he ends up at a UC, do you think this class will count toward the units required for degree completion?

@Learnum: You should start your own discussion and ask the question. All posts should be directed to the original poster and their question.

I will gladly answer if you start your own discussion.

I understand, thank you for redirecting me. I thought the original poster, Ilovegod2021, might be interested too as they decide what classes to take before applying.

OP is a transfer student so different situation.

Thank you for explaining further :slight_smile:

Both systems are really picky about ‘required’ classes. If they list a class as REQUIRED, it needs to be on your transcript or you will be rejected - no matter your other qualifications.

Check your target schools closely.

Good luck