Regarding NY Times/Economist.

<p>When you people read the NY Times or such to increase your CR skills. Do you order them to your house? It's pretty expensive here I'm in the opposite side of New York state. (Texas) So what should I do to improve on CR</p>

<p>The library has magazines.</p>

<p>Also check online; New York Times lets you subscribe to their online version for free (some articles require you to pay, but the vast majority are free) I think the Economist also has some free articles online.</p>

<p>If I'm going to take my SAT in October. Should I instead buy them?</p>

<p>Why, when you can get them for free?</p>

<p>I mean when you guys on CC refer to reading Economist/NY Times, is that meaning reading them from the website?</p>

<p>The online articles are virually identical to the print articles (there may be a few articles which appear in one and not the other, but it's not important enough to make it necessary to purchase them)</p>

<p>Edit: If you really want to read the print version, see if your local library carries any of the magazies; you might even be able to buy older issues for a few dollars.</p>

<p>You don't HAVE to read the NYT, it's not like it has magical CR powers. I'm sure most newspapers will be helpful because it is, afterall, reading.</p>