Regarding PreReq's

<p>My initial goal going into JC was to just do enough to transfer into UCI as an English major. I'd argue that I'm pretty set - I'm rocking a 3.88 GPA, nearing IGETC certification, and set to finish my prereq's by this fall. Things look pretty rosy.</p>

<p>But as we all know, things change. After Spring semester I suddenly felt motivated to try for UCLA. So I take a look at what prereq's they need, and they're mostly different. Most of the classes I've taken (Philosophy, History, most literature courses) for UCI are worthless to them. At the moment I'm doing all I can to fill up on UCLA prereq's at other JC's.</p>

<p>Obviously I'm a less attractive candidate for UCLA. Optimistically, I'm going to be short two or three classes in foreign literature translation. Assist says that completing them all isn't necessary, but I'm sure I won't look quite as good in comparison to everyone else. Can anyone shed some light on how big of a deal this is? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I think you should go ahead and apply to have a competitive GPA for English. Can you do two foreign language courses and two literature in translation courses? I got into UCLA English and I had almost all of the prereqs completed or in progress, except for one literature in translation class. I took two semesters of Spanish and Greek Mythology, but my school didn't offer very many lit classes so I also took Latino/Chicano literature, but that wasn't a class on the ASSIST contract as one in translation.</p>

<p>Something I wish I had known when I was in your place is that English programs at different UCs can actually vary a lot. For example, UCLA has a very traditional program and you are required to take a course in Chaucer, a course in Milton, two Shakespeare courses, and (I think?) two courses from the 1700s. UCI is much more flexible/creative in their course offerings, if you take a look at their requirements and course topics. Concentrations are different too: if you want creative writing, definitely go with UCI, and if you're interested in world literature/literature in translation, UCLA has a separate English concentration for that. </p>

<p>I'm also tempted to ask you if you've considered Berkeley, but then you'd have to take a Shakespeare class on top of all of the LA prereqs. =P</p>

<p>I tried to complete all of the prerequisites for different schools without actually looking into the different programs and deciding which ones I was actually interested in. My suggestion is that you try to narrow it down now before you take on a bunch of classes for different schools.</p>

<p>Another thing: I got into UCI English without completing all of their prereqs, I think two of them? If you decide to apply to both UCI and UCLA you might want to focus more on UCLA's prereqs because they seem to be less forgiving than UCI.</p>

<p>prereqs incomplete = number one reason for rejection</p>

<p>FYI, UCI's creative writing major is ranked first in the nation.</p>

<p>i'm actually in preparation to transfer for Fall 2011 as an English Major to UCI, myself. i'm also interested in LA, but most of my prereqs have been done to fulfill Irvine's. and on top of that - i'm a little confused as with the necessity of completing said prerequs. i've been hearing from various sources that if you don't have one or two prereqs (as Tessa831 had), you're actually alright and that UCI still accepts you. others say - not so, and do your prereqs. anyone know anything CERTAIN about that? </p>

<p>as of the moment, i'm nearing completion. it's just my foreign language classes that may be a huge issue for me; i'm now just anxious that i might not be able to finish up that requisite by Spring 2011. so that's mainly the reason why i'm inquiring after this little factor.</p>

<p>sorry if i shouldn't have added to this thread with my own issue. just seemed like the most appropriate place. and that i'm actually in a similar spot to the thread starter.</p>