Regarding school grading system on application?

<p>it says select A B C D F if your school uses + or -, but my school doesn't so do i just select other and say A B C D F</p>

<p>if you put down ABCDF for other, what difference does it make from the original one? it says the same thing? but i agree with you, the wording is really confusing.</p>

<p>haha, depends on the school i guess. my friends at fullerton some of their classes an B+ is like a 92 and an A- is like a 95.</p>

<p>Another user asked this question not too long ago and he/she said to just select the ABCDF selection even if their school didn't use the +/- symbols. I'll have to go ask a counselor to clarify this question myself. If anyone can clarify this, it'll be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>My school uses solid grades and no +/-. Thankfully, this allows me to score a 4.0 even with a 90% grade</p>

<p>the part that says to select A B C D F if your school uses +/- is supposed to be for people who go to schools that use +/- and would be confused by there not being a specific +/- option. They are assuming that people who go to schools that use solid grades would know to pick A B C D F already.</p>