regarding school receiving stuff

<p> i’ve sent my application to some school now on commonapp, but when i check the status of my materials on each school’s website, it says i’m missing all my school forms. All my forms are on commonapp, so i don’t understand why they’re missing. do i have to do something extra to send them again?</p>

<li>another one. regarding deadline sending SAT scores to schools: is this when you send they score from your computer or when the school receives it? cause if its when the school receives it, i’m screwed</li>

<p>Even though you used the common application, you still need to request that your guidance counselor send in your transcript/GC evaluation to each school and you need to request that your teachers send in the recommendations (if required). Did you do that? If so, then they may have not yet been received by the schools.</p>

<p>The school counselor has not mailed out the transcript to that school yet if it says the application is incomplete.</p>

<p>a transcript has to be mailed by paper? my counselor has already done everything on commonapp and my teachers have completed everything on the internet too. i didn't see anything that says a paper transcript has to be mailed on any of the websites. oh gosh.</p>

<p>^ no, if everything was done by internet, that's how you do it. You are fine. They might have not processed the app yet. For some colleges it takes up to two days, for others - two weeks... + holidays now. You are fine.</p>

<p>oh thank you thank you thank you</p>