Regarding Transferring

Hey guys, I am applying to transfer this year to different UC’s and Cal States. I’m also open to out of state universities, private schools. I have a lower end GPA for my major 3.0 Computer Science, but I have done well in all my major prep. What brought my GPA down was classes like Art, Socio that didn’t click well with me. I want your guys honest opinions of what colleges would be available in my reach, and if you could offer any advice.

A little background about me, I worked during community college often full time to help my parents out with the house payment. There were times I was working 60+ hours and attending school. This was mostly last Fall and Summer and I did well in those classes. I don’t qualify for financial aid so I have also paid for my entire schooling, books and classes. My parents immigrated to the United States when they were in their teens. They speak English well now, but they do not know much about higher education. I am the first out of 6 siblings to pursue a higher education. My older brothers and sisters finished high school and joined the work force. I felt alone and I was my sole motivation to keep going even when some classes didn’t go well. I’m not giving up and I still hold on to that dream. I have around 65 units completed, and I am finishing my math requirements for my major by this Fall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you guys
From a young student with a dream.

The UC’s publish their UC transfer admit ranges for each campus and major. The most recent data is 2017 and here is the link so you can see how you compare:

With a 3.0, you can TAG to UC Riverside if you meet all the requirements. Also what is your local in-service area Cal state, which would give you priority? Here is a link to determine your local CSU:

Not sure what your financial situation is, but if want are interested in OOS schools, you can look at some of the WUE schools. Not all take transfers but here is the list: