Regeneron Science Talent Search 2020/2021

I thought I would start the thread for this year! I wish everyone the best of luck!

Feel free to use this space to talk about anything about STS.

Hi, I’m applying :)… uh I didn’t have an actual mentor so I feel like my project recommendation might suck, but I have to make do with what I have

Aye same! No mentor here either but we still got this! I dream of becoming a semi-finalist.

Do people feel like less kids applied from their school this year? Due to limited opportunities/COVID etc?

Maybe possible. I’m not sure. I hope I could maybe get top 300 but that’s unlikely. Rn focusing on my college apps.

Honestly, I can see that. Primarily because a majority of submissions are the result of a research program/internship, and while a good amount went online, many canceled. That paired with the fact that virtual research may not be as sufficient could lead to a reduction in submissions. However, this is just my prediction. I am hoping for top 300 but we will see. What were your guys’s research topics on?

@glamwave101 Using Fourier Transforms to measure road quality

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Cell and molecular Bio/Neuroscience. How about you @glamwave? :slight_smile:


I submitted research in Computer Science.


Yeah so I submitted engineering :slight_smile:

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cool! best of luck to you guys :slight_smile:


I am also surprised you didn’t submit under ‘Mathematics’ since Fourier Transforms are a prominent mathematical topic and I assume your paper was very math-heavy, correct?

They are math heavy but engineering is applied science, you have to realize that, and in the end I was doing applied science, not pure science.

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Did anyone receive badges yet? Because apparently last year, they were being released around this time.

I have not yet, and honestly forgot I even signed up for this competition… they’re releasing the T300 this week right?

I haven’t either, I’m not sure if they have released badges yet. Yea I kinda forgot too since I’m really busy with college apps, but from what I’ve heard, becoming a scholar/semi-finalist can really help your college applications. (you have to send them an email about it since it passes most deadlines). I believe on Jan. 7th they release the scholar list.

I know I am probably not going to get the scholar distinction, though if I do, I’d be very very pleased.

I’m surprised not many people comment on this thread lol.

Probably not much to say until it comes out this Thursdays :grinning:.

very true haha! do you anything about badges, or when they will notify us on thursday?