Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) 2017-2018

Just thought I would start this thread since there were threads in previous years. Hopefully we can discuss the progression of our applications and encourage each other!

Does anyone know when badges come out this year?

I’m not sure about this year, but last year it was around January 4th.

Does that include all badges or is that just the competition entrant badge?

According to last year’s thread, it was all of the badges.

@polymerase26 Have you gotten any emails from Regeneron saying that your project has been approved?

@Anonymous1418 I haven’t got any emails from them yet. Have you?

Also, has anyone received the entrant package yet?

No I haven’t gotten anything from them yet.

@polymerase26 Have you gotten anything?

@Anonymous1418 Nope. Guess the schedule is different this year?

@polymerase26 Yeah, that’s disappointing

Did they ever release how many people applied this year?

Yeah on twitter they said 1818 people applied.

Has anybody received entrant badges yet?

I haven’t received anything from them since I turned in my project. How about you @spagettisauce


No I haven’t received anything. In past years, they’ve sent out badges but this year may be different.

Yeah I wish they would tell us something. The wait is stressful.

My guess is that they’re probably waiting to release all of the badges at once during the semi’s round.

1818 seems low. Has there been more in other years?