Regents and Presidential with minimal EC's

With a 4.0 UW GPA, lots of dual credit courses, a 1450 SAT and only three EC’s (Civil Air Patrol, choir, and chess), is it worth me applying for Regents/Presidential Scholarships? UNM is the only place I’m applying, but if it’s not likely I’ll get Presidential, I don’t want to take the time away from my classes to write the essays.

I also had a summer internship with AFRL last year; only awards are various CAP squadron awards along and promotions, and a couple second places in state tournaments for chess (I had more 1st’s before 9th grade). I’m also auditioning for All-State chorus this year, and if I get in, I suppose that would go under ‘special talents and awards’. I’m taking the October ACT and hoping for at least 33.

The thing is, it’s not like I do NOTHING for CAP and choir… I’m Cadet Commander of my CAP squadron, and in the past years have held other staff positions, managed competitions, etc. And for choir, I’m independently practicing 12+ hours per week, plus 5+ hours of rehearsals. Any suggestions on how to emphasize this in the scholarship application (there doesn’t seem to be room to discuss EC’s)?


The only way to find out is to apply.

Are you NM state resident? Only NM residents are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship.

The Regents is very competitive and only limited number of schollies are available (30, IIRC).

Time away from studying? Get serious. There are four (4) 350 word essays required--that's one double spaced page per question. That's something you should be able to knock out in a couple of hours.

@WayOutWestMom Yes, I live in ABQ (and am dual credit at UNM/CNM atm).

No, it takes me forever to write good essays (I’m fine with technical communications/formal reports, but my CC English professors didn’t teach and just gave easy A’s). With my schedule lately I don’t even have enough time to do my homework or studying, let alone the essays… during Fall Break I should write the essays.

Yes, you’d be a strong contender. What matters isn’t the number of activities, but how far you went with them. Sounds like you wisely prioritized depth over superficial breadth, so you did exactly the right thing.
Why are you only applying to UNM - if you’re dual enrolled there, wouldn’t you prefer discovering another university?
In terms of affordability, I’m sure there are some that’d be equally affordable?
Are you taking the SAT too?
You can send me your essays if you wish an external opinion.

@MYOS1634 Thanks! I’ll sure send them to you when I’ve drafted them. (Warning: they may be terrible, amazing, or anywhere in between. I’m a moody writer.) I’m sticking at UNM for several reasons including:

  • Affordability: Will probably get tuition + fees + books. I will be living at home unless I get Regents, so either way it's affordable there. My parents will pay gas, food, and the differential on books. Without National Merit (which I don't have because I didn't take the PSAT last year), many places aren't affordable.
  • Academics: As of next semester, I'll have completed the statistics major and have 4 courses left for math. There are several excellent professors available for at least 3 of the courses. There is a math professor with whom I plan to do departmental honors (undergraduate thesis) - I've taken 3 courses with him as well, and I'm quite interested in his research areas. I also love the French program, and plan to minor in French. (I have free credit hours and enjoy French - why not?) I'll also be able to take some financial courses to help prepare for Exam 2/FM (I hope to take Exam 1/P in summer/early fall 2017).
  • Extras: I can take a few music courses, hopefully join the auditioned chorus, intern at AFRL and/or Sandia, mentor others, improve chess, etc. I can also serve as an assistant director in my current choir.
  • Tutoring: I will likely be a math, stats, and/or French tutor. I really appreciate the French tutors and would love to help others.
  • My parents don't want me to go anywhere else, and it doesn't make sense for me to stay in high school for my "senior" year. (I'm still a minor in fall)

No, I’m not retaking the SAT. I have neither desire nor time to study, and without study, my score isn’t likely to improve. The ACT is at least fresh and slightly more interesting to study.

During my 2 years at UNM, I plan to complete preliminary actuarial exams while also looking into graduate study, SMART/Palace Acquire, etc. Unless I wildly change focus (e.g. math to biology) I will not return to UNM for my graduate degree - I’ll try for somewhere more prestigious (MIT, Dartmouth, UCB, UMich, École Polytechnique, Cambridge, Oxford, Landau, Swedish KTH,…)

I’m comfortable and happy with UNM and am not inclined to go anywhere else. Sure, I could possibly get in to a some school if I improved my scores, took subject tests, etc… but if I’m happy and have career options, why bother?

*to some relatively prestigious school (whoops, typo)

Your chances for Presidential are excellent, if it’s not too late, apply! Regents is harder to predict but you exceed the minimum threshold so give it a try.

@mamaedefamilia I applied to both Presidential and Regents on Friday (deadline is Dec 1). I already got Woodward which basically covers tuition + fees + part of books, but more will always help!

@CharlotteLetter Congrats on the Woodward! If you qualify for National Merit, you’d get a full ride, should the Regents not come through. Best of luck to you!

@mamaedefamilia Thanks! Like I said in the #4, I didn’t take the PSAT in 2016 and instead took it this year (I am a junior, just skipping sr year), so National Merit wouldn’t work until 2019-2020. I probably will be NMF in the Class of 2019 (SI from October was 217 and last year’s cutoff was 215), and that can possibly apply starting my second year at UNM per the financial aid office, even if I get nothing higher than Woodward for the first year.

@CharlotteLetter Some schools will only give you the NMF scholarship if you are still in HS when you are named. If you graduate early and advance to NMF as a freshman in college, some schools won’t give it to you. I don’t know how UNM does it.

I suggest calling / emailing / visiting Jordan Skeen to nail down the answer.

@DiotimaDM Sorry, never saw your post. I haven’t heard back from Jordan Skeen yet (emailed him at least twice, called with no response, since August). NMF at UNM is competitive and not guaranteed, anyway. Like I said, it can POSSIBLY apply starting my second year, per the financial aid office… I already asked.

I’m not worrying about NMF now: I got Regents! Thank you all for your advice @WayOutWestMom @MYOS1634 @mamaedefamilia @DiotimaDM

CONGRATULATIONS !! THIS IS AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It recognized your involvement on campus and your gift for math, what you bring to the campus, and it also allows you to have the on campus experience you deserve! I’m so happy for you. This is richly deserved.

Wow! Good for you! That is a very competitive award. Best of luck in your college journey!

Congratulations! Sounds like everything is coming together for you!

@CharlotteLetter I just now saw this. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

Hey there, and congrats on your scholarship! I couldn’t help but note you may be tutoring stats. My DD is taking 101 and may need some tutoring! She will be in Hokona.