Regents Scholarship Questions

<p>I just got the email notifying me that I was invited to apply for the Regents scholarship. I searched through a few threads from last year, and I believe this invitation confirms that I will be accepted to UCB, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm this (I was invited to apply for UCLA's, and I know UCLA can still reject me).</p>

<p>Also, can anyone tell me how the interview process will go? I assume it will be vastly different from alumni interviews offered by other colleges. Will they have my application in front of them and just go down the list? Does a faculty interview mean a professor will interview me? I'm kind of nervous because I've never interviewed with a faculty member before.</p>



<p>From what I've heard, the first thing they tell you at the interview is that you were accepted - congrats! XD</p>

<p>We are in L.A. so we attended the interview at a downtown L.A. hotel. There were tables set up outside a large banquet room where you check in. When checking in, the applicant received a pin that said Cal -- admitted student. Then we waited in a large banquet room with round tables and snacks to be called for the interview. There were current regent scholars in the room answering questions about Cal and the scholarship. The interviews were about 20-30 minutes.</p>

<p>What kind of questions do they ask?</p>

<p>is regents only for in-state applicants? Have any oos applicants received it?</p>

<p>I believe it's for all applicants.</p>

<p>Yeah, @meep1234 is right. OOS can be awarded the Regents, too. </p>

<p>@oncloud9: right here :)</p>

<p>Probably depends on interviewer -- but my daughter's was more talking up Cal and how great an applicant she was.</p>

<p>just some insights, hope it would help a bit.</p>

<p>my S applied to college of engg (bioe) & an engg faculty interviewed him. the interview took place at the engg dept, at the office of the professor. i saw a couple of parents who also accompanied their child also greet the interviewer. i didnt bec that's what my S & i agreed on, which i now regret - i wished i also said "hi":). so i left when he was already knocking on the door.</p>

<p>i cant remember now if my S said that the prof had the application forms, etc. in front of him at the interview, but he said is that it's very obvious that he had read the his entire apps.</p>

<p>my S was dressed business casual (longs sleeves, tie, etc), and brought with him a resume & 2 letters of recommendation fr his counselor & an academic teacher (calculus), all of which are not required - maybe not even suggested - but he brought those with him anyway. right at the start he handed his resume & recommendations to the prof who in turn said "i dont need your resume. i already know how outstanding you are. i want to know more of you other than all of your merits stated in the application." he added, "i'll take the letters of recommendation." the interview lasted for around half an hr.</p>

<p>i would still suggest to bring a resume, cause other interviewers might like it. it's all subjective. i still believe that the letters of recommendations are a plus. shows how serious you are too. again, these are just my opinion. (hey, it worked!)</p>

<p>the night bef the interview, my S attended ROHP. i suggest that you take advantage of the ROHP. that night was also a good opportunity for Q&A with some staff & parents. they really took time answering all the parents' questions. after the interview, he attended couple of classes too, physics & calculus (i think). it was a very good experience.</p>

<p>good luck to all! cal is awesome.</p>