Regional Reps

<p>Okay, so I know how to get in contact with my regional rep and I've heard its a good idea to do so, but I don't understand exactly what it is I need to do. Like, why is it a good idea and what do I say to him anyway? Any advice would be welcome.</p>

<p>Its a good idea because your regional rep will be reviewing your application during the admission process. You should ask questions about any of your concerns about admission (SATs, classes, supplemental materials, etc), your academic plans, and anything else that you are wondering about Notre Dame.</p>

<p>I would advise against asking something just to ask something.... understand? like ask something intelligible... dont just email him/her and ask what the average sat score is......... the rule my counselor told me was dont ask him/her anything that you can find on your own by lookn on the website or pamphlets and such</p>