Regional Statistics On Admitted Students for Class of 2014

<p>Recently, i came across the following thread in the Yale forum, which basically lists the geographical distribution of the entering class of 2014:</p>

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<p>This thread made me curious about what the geographical distribution might be for the entering class of Princeton students. So can anyone post similar statistics for the Princeton '14 admits? I think this information would be particularly useful to identify regional quotas(if there is any) and also help the future applicants to assess how competitive their regional applicant pool is.</p>

<p>To the Princeton admits, i would request you people to post a similar Regional Stats for '14 Princetonians. It would be interesting to see how geographically diverse this entering class is. You have access to this information, right? So why not share it with the CC community. It would probably help a lot of future applicants.</p>

<p>no we dont</p>