Registered to UCD - Double Major in NPB and Music?

<p>Hi everyone. So I officially registered to go to UCD as an NPB major which I am really excited for.</p>

<p>The thing is, it is a true passion of mine to study music, and it is something of mine that I want to continue throughout college and in my life, so I want to major in music as well.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if majoring in NPB and Music is even possible? And if it is, do you think the average student can succeed in this if they work hard?</p>

<p>You won’t have a single class that overlaps, so your major requirements will take up about 180 units. Then you have general education requirements, but your majors will cover quite a bit of those. You would likely have to overload some quarters, take summer classes, or take a fifth year. It’s doable, but if I were you I’d minor in music. Or, if you’re premed (or pre-anything) you could major in music and do the prereqs on the side.</p>