Registering for classes at Purdue (Update)

Good Morning Everyone,

I am here to give you an update on my registration at Purdue. I had to take the ALEKS math placement assessment, I did not score so well the first time so I studied for 4 days straight and raised my score significantly. I used the “scheduling assistant” to update my courses for the spring 2022 semester. Here it is…

Spring 2022 (13 total credit hours)

  1. EDPS 105- Academic & Career Planning
  2. CHM 115- General Chemistry
  3. MA 160- Applied Calculus 1
  4. SCLA 101- Transformative Texts/ Critical Thinking and Communication 1: Antiquity To Modernity

Summer 2022 (8 week module & 12 credit hours)

  1. MA 161- Plane Analytic & Geometry/ Calculus 1
  2. COM 114- Fundamentals of Communication
  3. ENGL 106- First Year Composition

Fall 2022 (14 credit hours)

  1. MA 165- Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1
  2. ENGR 131- Transforming Ideas to Innovation 1
  3. CHM 116- General Chemistry 2
  4. PHYS 172- Modern Mechanics

Spring 2023-Spring 2026

Any required general elective or classes related to the Purdue West Lafayette chemical engineering degree requirements list.

Additional Comments

I need a 3.3 GPA or higher to switch into chemical engineering and I cannot be on academic probation. If you are wondering what my ALEKS score is now, its an 80. You are more than welcome to add any questions, comments, criticism, etc.

Looks good!

My only concern is for your summer. Calc is really fast paced and 8 weeks is a very compressed time horizon. Three courses in 8 weeks is a lot!

Go to all the review sessions and office hours, and don’t miss recitation!

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Concur. Consider taking 2 classes, at most, over the 8 weeks of summer; you will be stretched trying to attend classes and do all the homework that is assigned in a semester that is half the length of what you have in the Fall or Spring semesters.


Also agreeing that the summer looks really challenging, especially if you might be working as well. Is there anyway that you can take 2 courses instead?

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Yes, I could take 2 classes or take 3 of them but sign up for a 12 week module.

My daughter took two courses in an eight-week summer (DiffEq and Econ, iirc) and it was very busy.

Can you take one during the first four week (she did that once) and the other two over eight weeks?

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Yes, I can do that.

Why do you have Applied Calculus for Spring 22? And the Calc and analytic geometry 1 in Summer 22? I dont think the applied calculus counts for engineering. Are you trying to get a feel for calculus concepts before taking the standard engineering version? If so, I would recommend taking the engineering Calculus 1 in the summer just by itself so you can spend enough time on it to get the grade you need,especially if you are working.

My aleks score is an 80 so I have to take applied calculus 1. I need an 85 to take calculus 1 but all of the classes are full for the upcoming semester so I couldn’t enroll in calculus 1 anyway. And yes I need to get a feel of “calculus” because I didn’t take it in high school.

I have to take math 161 before math 165.

Do you have to retake the ALEKS placement to get into M161 for the summer?

Correct. But my point was that Calculus 1 in the summer will be very intense. So I suggest that you take just that course in the summer session, if you are working. Students often underestimate the amount of homework and self study math courses require, particularly in places like Purdue. And you have to keep a certain GPA. Taking a composition course at the same time during the summer will be very time consuming. Others have also expressed the same concerns.

I am a college math prof that sees students taking on too much in the summer (despite advice to the contrary), and not doing well. Anyway, you can see how your Spring semester goes, and adjust your Summer 22 schedule accordingly.


No, I do not have to retake the aleks math assessment. But thanks for the advice.

My son has taken math classes in the summer at Purdue, and they are not easy at all.

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The courses are certainly not easy, as I mentioned above. I think this is true whenever they are taken.

But my older daughter’s experience was that taking DiffEq/PDE (303) over 8 weeks in the summer, with one other course, was easier than taking it during a 16 week semester along with Fluids, Materials, Control Systems (with Lab) and a GE. Her advisor highly recommended it.

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