Registering for classes- I'm freaking out!

<p>I'm starting school at UNCG this fall (a branch off of UNC), and we were given 8 sessions which we could attend for orientation and class registration. I made the mistake of registering for orientation late, and I will be attending one of the last available orientation openings.</p>

<p>I looked at the openings for classes, and to my horror the majority of classes were already full, with 6 more orientation sessions to go! (Out of 8)</p>

<p>I'm posting this in the hopes that someone goes there, or has experience with this kind of orientation, because I am panicking! I'm just thinking there has to be some sort of expansion to the classes or something.. The website said to come when it best fits your schedule, so if it is on a first come first serve basis, I will be devastated :(</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>what many colleges do is that for each orientation sessions, they save seats in every freshman classes for each orientation so that it's fair for everybody. Let's hope that's the case!</p>

<p>Like Pierre said, many schools will open up new seats at each orientation. Also, there will be an add/drop period where you might be able to sneak into some of the classes you really want.</p>

<p>I really hope this is the case, because with only 1/4 of the orientation sessions taken care of, an overwhelming majority of classes have only 0-10 spots open, and I find that absurdly low for a mid-population university :( Maybe I'm just over thinking things...</p>

<p>I know that at unc they save seats in the intro classes
for each of the orientation sessions</p>

<p>As previously mentioned, UNC opens up seats in classes for each orientation session so everyone has the same chance at getting classes. Don't stress out too much - I had my orientation at Chapel Hill on Monday & Tuesday and it was all I could do to keep myself from hyperventilating before registering for classes, hahah....but it ended up completely okay, so don't worry!</p>

<p>All schools do that i think. I need to regi for one more class for this next semester, but due to my school switching the system for rergistration, it messed up the list of classes. So i have to wait. Its not a big deal really.</p>