Registering for classes tomorrow!! AP LANG vs AP LIT! please help

<p>I heard there is a lot of reading in ap lit, and im not the best reader. I usually get low As in all of my english classes (only once have i gotten a B).</p>

<p>I heard people say that you have to take 11th grade honors english or ap lang to take ap lit? is this true? i've never taken an honors english course before. Im registering for classes tomorrow so which class (lang or lit) would be a better choice?</p>

<p>The main difference is that ap lit is more based off of fiction and literary devices in specific books. Lang is more nonfiction based, you can voice your opinions in your essays and I personally find it more interesting because it has much more to do with current events and the real world</p>

<p>In AP Lit you read as a reader, in AP Lang you read as a writer.</p>