Registering for Spring Courses Questions

<p>I'm looking at the Core Curriculum list and under "Visual and Performing Arts" the Philosophy courses listed are 317K and 346, but they don't show up when I look for them under the Registrar on utdirect. </p>

<p>I'd like to take HIS315K, but does anyone have any experience on these professors: Olwell, Anderson, or Gronbeck-Tedesco. I couldn't find them on </p>

<p>If someone has also taken GOV310L, I'd also like to kknow if I should take Karch, Jessee, Prindle, Baek, Albertson, Nunes, or Workman. There are just too many professors teaching that same course, and I'd hate to choose the wrong one.</p>

<p> is kind of a cob web these days. There's a lot more recent activity on pick-a-prof, which turned into MyEdu, but that costs $20/year to see the reviews.</p>

<p>Will this help?</p>

<p>Baek 5 stars, 32% A, 35% B</p>

<p>Karch 4.5 stars, 29% A, 49% B</p>

<p>Jessee 3 stars, 30% A, 39% B</p>

<p>Nunes, no data provided</p>

<p>Prindle 4.5 stars, 22% A, 42% B (a gov. major friend of mine raves about him)</p>

<p>Workman, no data provided</p>

<p>Albertson not listed.</p>

<p>My pickaprof account says Prindle is absolutely amazing and Baek is pretty good but not as.</p>