Registering for the September ACT dilemma

<p>This is going to be my second attempt at the ACT, but this time I'm going to take it at the local university as opposed to my high school. </p>

<p>For some odd and unexplained reason my birthdate year is 1985, when in actuality I was born in 1993. This is probably because I clicked 1985 instead of 1993 by accident. I've registered for the September ACT, but on my 'Admission Ticket' it states the I was born in 1985, which might cause dilemmas when I submit scores to universities. </p>

<p>I was wondering what I should do at this point. I plan on contacting those in charge of the ACT, but I was wondering if there is anything else I could do.</p>

<p>You need to contact ACT asap to get that fixed.</p>