Registration/Course Selection Question

<p>Hey All!!</p>

<p>I'm a Fall '07 transfer to the college. I'm coming from Colgate where one of the things I disliked most was how impossible it was to get into courses. Seeing as I haven't registered yet and won't for awhile, I'm really worried I'll get shut out. How hard is it to get into classes at Penn? Do most professor let people in off WL if you show an interest? Also, is their a book published of student reviews of profs & classes? I know Brown does this.</p>


<p>you won't be shut out of any requirements, and in most cases where it's appropriate, you can get permission from professors to get into a class.</p>

<p>the penn course review is the best source for ratings - you need your pennkey / password to get on.</p>

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