Registration Fees???

<p>So it looks like I'll have to pay around $7,000 by the 15th. I wanted to ask: Could I use loans or Cal Grants/FAFSA Money to pay some of this off? Where does all the aid go?</p>

<p>It's suppose to go towards paying those off, but the Financial Aid Office hasn't gotten around to disbursing them, those lazy pigs!</p>

<p>So should I just pay now and get a refund later? I'm sorry, I don't know how all of this works and I don't have this kind of money so I am at a loss.</p>

<p>yeah, you can do that. Or you can wait until fin aid is disbursed. They don't really do anything if the payment is a few days late (from my experience anyway) because they know how many students rely on that aid.</p>