<p>The letter we received (the parents) about D's NSO said that they don't register at orientation but do it later. Does anyone know when that happens?</p>

<p>According to the NSO website in the section "For Students" it does list registration as part of the activities for the day. As NSO started today perhaps someone who has attended could comment on this. I can't imagine at what other time they could do this in a time efficient manner. Students have to meet with an advisor to complete the registration process. Of course this might have changed from past years but I tend to doubt it.</p>

<p>I just asked my daughter who just finished her freshman year. Her understanding is that in the past (probably when Mwallenmd's Daughter was going into her freshman year) they registered at NSO (formerly Delaworld) but my D was told that in order to make it fair they changed their policy. Since NSO does not end until the end of July you sit with your advisor at NSO and choose your classes. Then when NSO is finished and all new students have attended, each advisor will register for their students to make it fair for students who are assigned the later dates for NSO. So, since the advisors are registering for their students only after NSO is over it doesn't matter if you go in the beginning or in the end. D said that this was a hot topic when she was there for Delaworld (NSO) last year and they made it very clear that this is now the procedure so no unfair advantage for the students who have the earlier NSO.</p>

<p>Thanks Lucky&Blue. That makes a lot of sense. D got the list of "recommended" first semester classes and is a bit disheartened. Most of the options have nothing to do with her major(s). There's not much that can be done, though.</p>

<p>Lucky & Blue: Hello again. On the surface this sounds like a fairer system but I wonder how it is administered/implemented. There are many advisers from all the departments who would initially at the time of the NSO schedule students for many of the same courses. I would assume that preference would be given to students who require a particular couse in their Freshman year because of their particular major (at least for those students who have selected their major) and also students in the Honors Program. After these two groups I wonder how they would choose which students would have to be closed out from a particular course if it was completely oversubscribed. You would either have to come up with some complicated criteria formula or, to really be fair, set up a random lottery system. Do you have any more specifics as to how they do this? Just wondering for academic purposes.</p>

<p>Definitely interested in this as D isn't going to NSO till nearly the end. I hope that those who are going to NSO this week and next can fill us in on the process, including when you get your exact classes to that you can pre-order books.</p>

<p>(zoosermom: See you there. We got courtyard marriott UD on priceline fr the night before. Will PM you when gets closer.)</p>

<p>I'm heading to Delaware tomorrow for Friday's NSO and will definitely let you all know about the registration process. I already have a list going for myself so I don't forget anything!
LINYMOM, also got a great rate on priceline for the Marriot. Thanks for turning me on to it in April --had never used before , now I'm obsessed. Got a car rental for $10. per day!!!</p>