Registrations Cancelled Because Overbooked

A student told me he could not take the SAT last Saturday because his registration was cancelled because they were overbooked. I guess they have limited capacity due to the need for social distancing and there are many people taking it because earlier tests were cancelled.

yep… had my test cancelled 2 times so far(September & October) in locations that were fairly far from where I live due to availability. Hoping my November test doesn’t get cancelled, but pretty frustrating experience :neutral:

Wow, I knew they had closed test centers (about 50% of them near us by what I could tell), but I didn’t realize they were cutting registrants who had a spot booked. Sorry to hear that happened to your student. It seems they knew about the limitations brought about by the pandemic at the time registration opened, so that shouldn’t have happened. Then again, ACT and College Board have both been handling the situation poorly.

This is almost certainly caused by the administration of the location holding the test, not the College Board. For both closing test centers and reducing capacity. The College Board does not control local high schools nor the local regulations and school board/administration policy and decisions on making facilities available for testing.

If a school registered to conduct an SAT test and a local virus flare-up, or state regulations as in PA, caused/forced them to reduce or cancel the test, how do you suggest College Board better handle it?

June 5, 2021 registration is currently open. You believe College Board currently knows the pandemic limitations on this date 8 months in the future?

I sort of expect the College Board and ACT to uphold their end of the agreement. I paid them after all. Is it that hard to keep kids 6’ apart, require masks, and limit them to 10 to a room? And if they must cancel, they should give two weeks notice or the money gets refunded and the next test sitting is free. You know kids are crossing state lines to take this exam only to find their test center closed. That is unfair.

College Board doesn’t keep kids 6 feet apart, etc. That is done by local proctors, typically in schools run by a local Board of Education in a specific legal jurisdiction.

When the PA Governor instituted a statewide restriction of no more than 25 people in a location, how do you propose College Board hold up their end of the agreement when the local school board mandates cancellation?

Should they hire their own proctors, rent out a conference center and violate the law?

Tough on all accounts. I think schools are also dealing with not having enough proctors. In our area, private schools are not allowing non students. Think that might also be the case at public schools as well. Getting a spot is tough.
Too bad they can’t stagger times ( have an AM and PM) and offer additional dates to accomodate.
By us, there is a huge backlog of kids waiting since last March still trying to get in. The people who have taken it, signed up early and had a little luck.

My D21 was fortunate enough to take the SAT in late August. She was scheduled at the same test site for November 7th but recently received a text stating that her location cancelled. I did receive a refund a few days later, which was a nice surprise.

Cases in our state (MI) are rising rapidly. I’m not at all surprised that locations here are choosing to avoid the risks. Maybe they think it’s better to cancel altogether rather than reduce the numbers.

Assuming that this continues until the admission times, are the tests given a lot of weightage in terms of admissions?