Regular Admission Fall 2022

Has anyone been admitted yet?

Nothing yet! Son applied for CS so chances are low!

Good luck. Sure wish their acceptances were not so late.
I am not sure if non resident CAN citizens are lumped in with non residents in general for the sake of admissions. If so, it will be an even tougher admit.

Waterloo admissions typically come out around the second week of May.

Biomedical engineering - admitted today

Congrats. I wonder if you are an outlier, or if they are admitting earlier this year?

No idea.

Why does Waterloo have such a late decision date(May 15th), and why do they give you such a small amount of time to accept the decision(June 1)? Seems like they are trying to discourage applicants from the US, where most of the acceptance deadlines are on May 1st.
As is, if S2 is admitted we’ll have to hop on a plane in the middle if his HS exams, and tour a school that is more or less empty because it is summer semester. We are lucky because we know the school and area somewhat, but Waterloo admissions seem to be going to great lengths to make it inconvenient to make a final decision. No wonder they have so few US students.

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We are in the same boat. Chances are slim our son will get in but, it would be nice to know. I have read that some people have emailed admissions in the past and got an answer from them with decision. Our son does not want to do this. We have paid a deposit to McGill for double Major CS & math but waiting for the rez until mid-May.

It sounds like this year, CS (at least in Faculty of Math) is not doing any early admissions at all. I can hardly blame them. With the mess that the US colleges are making with admissions being “holistic” and passing up the brightest kids, U Waterloo could fill the school with international students, and I do think this is a way of weeding out students who are ok going elsewhere and who don’t want to wait.

@57special My son visited over his spring break. It was exam week, so there were no classes. Mid-May is summer term, but there will be students there in CS who are sophomores. If you decide to visit, I imagine that you’ll have plenty to see. Check out their calendar:

If you’re thinking about visiting, I would recommend reserving tour spots now:

Decisions are starting to come out for Faculty of Math, CS.

DD just got into Faculty of Eng. Is there tour for admitted students?

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I’m not aware of special tours for the admitted students.

Check out regular campus tours here: Tours, events, and info sessions | Undergraduate Programs | University of Waterloo

They wait for the mid-semester grades and the results of the Euclid contest before sending out most offers of admission. Offers of Admission | Undergraduate Programs | University of Waterloo.