Regular Decision 2015

Has anyone received acceptance for 2015 RD for University of Redlands?

I heard back about four days ago. They send it through the mail :slight_smile: and if you got any, then your scholarship should come in the same envelope :blush:

What are your stats @kelsob7997‌ ?

Son was accepted a few days ago. 3.71 UW, 4.0 W ACT 34 Received $19500 Merit, $2500 Presidents

@Toolee - Your son has v good stats :slight_smile: Does he plan to attend Redlands?

He is still waiting on a few others before deciding. The closer the decision is getting the quieter he has become

@Toolee‌ - what does the status of the app show? Has the application under review sentence dissappeared?

@College5565 Will check with son when he gets home from school and baseball - will let you know!

@College5565‌ the page has not changed. He received all th

@Toolee‌ - does it still show application under review?

Yes - looks just like it did for the past few months

stats: 3.4 UW gpa 4.1 W gpa, 1760 sat, got 21,000 in scholarship. they seem to be very generous!

Yes! I got accepted too today! It was a long wait. I will be attending!