regular decision 2016

I have applied to Birmingham Southern College this year and have been worried ever since if there are any chances for me. I am an international student and I can only contribute around 10000$-12000$ every year.
My SAT is 2140 (CR+M: 1410). My GPA is 9.0/10 for grade 10 & 11 and 8.8 for grade 12. Do you think I have a chance to attend BSC with enough aid?
Thank you!
Also, do you know when the decisions are out? Or has anyone heard from BSC about their decisions?

This is epic. I was going to apply here too and later decided not to because it doesn’t offer Computer Science.

@Komz1304: wow, we’ve met again. ;). Seems that we have something in common.

@dobby97 Yeah. What’s your intended major?

@Komz1304 , I’m thinking of media&film studies, education and economics. I guess if admitted, I’ll need to seek advice from my counselor and those who have studied there.

@dobby97 That’s a great choice!

And your intended major is computer science?

@dobby97 Yeah.

@dobby97 Did you get my message?

@Komz1304. You sent me one? Okay, let me just check it out.

@dobby97 Lol I sent you many.