Regular decision - 2018

Looking at the 2017 posts, looks like decisions started to roll out this time last year, anyone hear anything yet?

Received admission offer on 2/9 via email. Good luck to all!

My daughter was admitted Early Action. Grinnell acceptance came in last week but we don’t think it is going to be affordable. Still waiting on Macalester (but think it will be similar to Grinnell in final cost). It looks to be coming down to Know and Lawrence for D.

@megawillmae We’re awaiting the full aid package from Knox as well, fingers crossed. I loved Knox, and Lawrence is a great school as well, I don’t think you could go wrong with either school. I thought Grinnell and Macalester met 100% need, while Knox was 90% and Lawrence 95%, yet it turns out that Knox and Lawrence are more affordable?

@doingresearch Yes, unfortunately the schools get to define need (institutional formulas). Our ability to pay is based more off of our current income and cash flow not through savings. We don’t have a fancy house or cars. We don’t go on extravagant vacations, etc. This is our 3 rd and last child to put through college so we know and understand the game. Knox and Lawrence are both more generous with merit based aid; as a result they in the long run are more affordable for our family than many ‘full-need’ schools.

Portal was updated 2/22 with complete financial aid package, although we have not received by email or snail mail.

Got accepted (EA) , didn’t find any recent discussion for Knox applicants !
I might really consider Knox but would maybe need a little push to commit…

Knox is an amazing school from our experience. Professors are warm and friendly, they teach there because they want to teach there. The programs are top notch as are most of the extracurriculars. The campus is being improved every year - new alumni building, new art building, new science building. Unusual for a LAC to be able to afford financial aid, programs, and campus building improvements. Can’t say enough good things about this school!