Regular Decision 2023

Has anyone received their regular decision?
It says late March, but on other boards the letters came out earlier.

My S received an email that said mid March. Believe it will be 3/15.

Can someone post the portal URL? I lost the link and can’t find it lmao

Hopefully Leigh22 is correct and decisions come out next Friday. Gettysburg is a great school. Good luck everyone.

@Leigh22 same here

I wrote down that last year they mailed the decisions on Friday March 16th and didn’t update the portals until the following Monday. Not sure if they’ll do the same thing this year, but it may be worthwhile to sign up for USPS Informed Delivery before the weekend so you can see if you have a letter or a package coming.

I called admissions and decisions are being released this Friday, the 15th

Is that by mail and online?

Does anyone know if Gettysburg notifies by email or just regular mail? It appears from the 2022 RD thread that it is by mail only. My brother was accepted by mail in 2015 (no email)

I believe it is just snail mail.

Online at 5 on Friday!!!

Thanks maddie9691

I guess snail mail days are over!!

2.5 hours!
Good luck to all, and if it is meant to be, so be it.
Just saying for those that get into GC, i believe there is an acceptance day in April

Good Luck!!!

When the decisions come out I might be sleeping ?

15 mins!!!

They came out!!

Check you portal! They haven’t sent an email but the portal is updated!
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