Regular Decision - Has Anyone Heard Back?

UNCA’s website says applicants will be notified by February 15. I realize that’s 3 days away, but I’m wondering if anyone has heard back. No updates yet on my daughter’s portal at UNCA.

I heard back on Feb 2-- when did she apply?

She applied December 5. When she checked the online portal at UNCA, it has the Application Status headline at the top and just lists dates when everything was received. She’s not sure if there’s somewhere else to click. We’re assuming she didn’t get in at this point – we live in Georgia.

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Ah, okay-- I applied way back in October. I’m sure it might just be a wait till the 15th. I’d be surprised if she didn’t get in, even OOS. If you don’t get a decision by the 15th you can email. Hope y’all hear back soon!

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Hope you heard back @frangreg!

Thank you for asking! My daughter found out Tuesday night that she’s on the wait list. She was surprised, because she’s been admitted to more competitive schools, but is okay with it. In hindsight, she hasn’t really demonstrated any interest there – no in person or virtual visits, no outreach to anyone at UNCA. Her reasoning was that she’s seen the campus already by attending Nike Running Camp there for several years.

She signed up for a virtual admissions tour, and we’ll go from there. Right now, she’s leaning towards App State.

For anyone else considering UNCA, Ariel said the dorms are nice and that the dining hall food is great (based on her experience at Nike Running Camp in the summer).

Good luck to you in your college decision!

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I’m sorry to hear about the wait list, but very glad she got into App. I’m sure it has to do with being OOS-- she should be very proud of getting into any NC school OOS! Best of luck to both of you on your journey as well, and I will be sure to decline admission ASAP if I end up not choosing UNCA so as to help waitlisted folks :slight_smile:

I think they accept a lot of wait-listed applicants. My daughter got her acceptance in early Feb I think but is not going there. I am hearing a lot of kids got wait-listed. Wonder if number of applications is up this year?

I’ve second-handedly heard that they are down but not sure. Maybe it’s because they got rid of EA so everyone who’s not ED is RD. I would turn down my acceptance ASAP except there doesn’t seem to be an option for that in the portal.

Yes, this is such an interesting year for college applications. Not sure about UNCA, but I think a lot of schools saw increased numbers of applications because so many are test-optional. My daughter was accepted to some other UNC system schools, and a few (UNCG) have sent out e-mails asking if she plans to enroll or is a maybe or definite no. It’s got to be hard for colleges to try and figure out if the class of 2021 will wait out the fall semester if COVID restrictions are still in place. I know my daughter is at least hoping for a hybrid college experience, even if she has to go to class wearing a mask.

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