Regular Decision Notifications & Financial Aid

My son has been accepted to all of the SUNY schools he applied to, including SUNY Binghamton. He is anxiously awaiting notices from numerous little Ivy and schools within the Ivy League. We are aware the notifications for the elite private schools are not until late March up until the end of March. My question is, if he is offered acceptance under regular decision, how soon will the financial aid package follow so that he can make his decision? I have a range of what to expect, but we are a divorced/remarried family with two CSS profiles and I know the aid offers may vary for our situation.

For regular decision acceptances, aid packages usually accompany the acceptance.

If the financial aid offer isn’t with the actual acceptance, it will come very very shortly thereafter. Once accepted, your student should be checking their student portal where very often this info is posted.

^^and check any spam files, as emails sometimes end up there when they are coming from another department (financial aid rather than admissions).